What are API credentials?

The first step in calling any API when carrying out third party integration is to create API credentials.

API credentials are security keys used to access, authorize and authenticate your interactions with the API.

They comprise of API tokens linked to your account and given permission to carry out specific actions such as:

How to generate your API credentials

You can generate your API credentials in the API Key section under the Settings menu of your account.

Create an API token step by step

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Settings on the top menu
  3. Click on API Key under Developer section of Settings
  4. Click the Create API Key button
  5. Enter the name of your app under API Key e.g Mobile App
  6. Enter a brief description under Description e.g API Token for our mobile app.
  7. Select required Permissions under Authorization section e.g Send Airtime, Get Balance
  8. Click on Save to generate new API credentials
  9. That's it! Your API token is now ready. Click to copy and include in ALL your API calls.