Welcome to the Developer Center! Learn how to integrate airtime, agent float and SMS onto your e-commerce store, online platform or mobile app.

$ Topups::APIs->_builtFor(developers.*); # awesome

    // Well documented HTTP REST API Reference

    // Instant Callback Notification (ICN) via Webhooks

    // Native SDKs for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, Node,js and Go

    // Comprehensive Postman collections for easy testing and troubleshooting

PHP SDK Python SDK Ruby SDK Java SDK C# SDK Node.js SDK Go SDK Get started | It's free
Our APIs enable developers to send airtime, agent float and SMS, or even check your balances using code. Our API supports calls made via JSON, XML and HTTP POST Form Variables.
Learn how to authenticate and call the APIs
Our webhooks send real-time transaction event status data to your registered endpoints whenever you receive or make a new transaction or when your transaction's status changes.
Learn how to integrate and process your webhooks
To make app integrations easy, we provide developers with easy to use SDKs, libraries and webhook scripts for various languages. We also provide Postman collections to aide testing.
Download our Native SDKs, scripts and Postman collections